5 Of The Best Kinds Of Souvenirs.


The best kinds of souvenirs are those that you can use on a daily basis once you get back home. Below are a few of my favorite kinds:

1. Carvings and paintings.

I love art. Especially the 3D kind. Hence the cover photo. 🙂

2. Fridge magnets.

They make a beautiful collage full of memories as they sit pretty and colourful on your fridge.


3. Jewellery.

There’s this amazing vintage pendant watch that I bought while in St. Petersburg a few months ago. And it’s now my favourite necklace! 🙂

4. T-shirts and jumpers.

In the picture above is a t-shirt I bought during my trip to Dombay. I had the most adventurous time out there: learnt how to ski, rode horses, saw bears for the first time in real life and so much more. And this t-shirt serves as a reminder of all that.

5. Cups and mugs.

That you’ll actually take your coffee or tea in. Don’t just buy them and throw them in the attic.

Always be kind.



15 thoughts on “5 Of The Best Kinds Of Souvenirs.

    1. Hey Carmen! I know, right? 🙂 I mostly love how they look especially if you’ve got a big collection of them on your fridge. Just pretty. ❤ I love the layout on your blog btw. 🙂

  1. Many years ago, whilst travelling through America & Canada, I collected Christmas ornaments & baubles, to remind me of my travels. they bring me much joy each time I use them 🙂

  2. I’m with you on small souvenirs – small pieces of art, jewellery, bookmarks…takes me straight back to my experiences when I look at them!

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