5 Simple Ways To Edit Pictures.


Did you know that you could take a simple picture with your phone, then edit it, and make it look like it was taken by a professional photographer using some thousand-dollar DSLR? Oh, yes you can!

Thanks to picture editing, you can work magic on your photos to make them look a million times better. I usually use Picasa to edit my pictures. It’s a free software application that allows you to manipulate your images in a good number of ways.

Before posting my photos online, I normally polish them with the very simple edits below:

1. Crop the picture.

To make sure you only have the necessary elements within your frame.

2. Adjust brightness.

Photos originally appear a little bit too dark and need just a bit of brightening up to bring them to life.

3. Add saturation.

This is a sent-from-above effect. Throw in a little concentration here and there and your pictures will look heavenly.

4. Reduce warmth.

Looking red in photos is not a thing. I’ve been guilty of this before, so believe me when I tell yah, it ain’t a thing.

5. Use filters, sparingly.

This one’s subjective and is based on your preference. Try out all the filters out there and decide which ones make your photos look amazing. 🙂 Don’t overdo it, though.

Always be kind.



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