5 Tips For Booking The Right Accommodation.


Hellow there lovelies! 🙂

One of my favorite parts about putting together a blog post is finding and editing the title picture. But when I thought of today’s topic, I was so sure that I wouldn’t find an appropriate picture in my archive. So I decided to scroll down my Instagram and BOOM! I think this pic is as appropriate as it gets to what I’m gonna share today, isn’t it?

Okay then, on to today’s post. I’m a student, as you probably already know. So when travelling and booking accommodation, due to my student budget and all, there’s a number of things that I put into consideration:


Living at the city/town center is very convenient. You get to stroll to the main attractions at whatever time you want. Also there’s so much you can do without having to worry about being out late.

2. COST.

Personally, I don’t think spending too much on accommodation makes sense. You’re likely going to be outdoors most of the time anyway. So I’d rather spend more money on activities and adventures instead of a fancy bedroom.


Reviews never lie. Don’t book accommodation in a place with bad customer reviews and expect anything different. Sites like TripAdvisor and a few others are very reliable when it comes to these. Make them your friends and you won’t be disappointed.


Especially free Wi-Fi. And personal lockers and safes. If you can give me these then I’m good. 🙂


Lastly, when I’m trying to book a last-minute trip (which I always tend to do), I need places that will reply to my emails at least within the hour. There’s nothing more annoying than getting a reply 5 days later when you are already halfway through your trip.

Always be kind.



9 thoughts on “5 Tips For Booking The Right Accommodation.

  1. Great tips….though some people who post on TripAdvisor are one time clients who had a bad experience and decided I have to write. At times when we are content we don’t think of writing something nice.

    Anyway great tips.

    1. Very true, Lora. Hadn’t thought of it that way. But then again, I guess it’s the number of good and bad reviews that matters. If there’s only 1 bad one and 20 good ones then that 1 customer can’t be 100% relied on. And if there’s 20 bad ones and only 1 good one…I’d assume that the 1 customer who wrote the good review is somehow related to the business. 🙂 You get?

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