Solo Travel: Who Takes Your Photos?


If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question…

I do enjoy strolling and discovering new places by myself. And even though I don’t have a sent-from-above dedicated photographer wrapped around my finger or anything, I still manage to get a couple of candid images of the place and myself in the frame as well.

After sharing my pictures on social media (just Instagram really 🙂 ), a couple of people have been impressed and ask:

 “So who takes your photos?”

My answers…

1. Friends.

Whether I’ve just met you, or known you for years, if we’re out together and I spy a photo op, chances are you’ll be playing photographer that day.

2. Strangers.

You’ll be surprised by how nice people actually are if only you talked to them. No one will ever turn you down if you ask them to take a picture of you. Some will even strike up a conversation with you. And then there are those who’ll ask you out…

3. By myself.

Thanks to the inventors of the self-timer! 🙂 Out of all the 3 ways in which I take my pictures, this has got to be the one with the most satisfying results since I get to dictate the angles, composition and pretty much everything else that goes into it. And since I’m patient enough, I’ll end up taking multiple photos until I’m satisfied with the results. If I want to be in the picture, I just find a nice surface nearby, place my camera on it, set the self-timer, run into the frame and CLICK! I shattered my screen once doing this. Apparently the breeze was stronger than I’d anticipated that day and it swept my phone down a concrete stairway. I remember thinking, “Thank God the lens is fine!” Ha! 🙂

Always be kind.



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