Moscow, Russia. 1


After postponing this trip for ages I finally made it to Moscow!! Yay! As a “tourist” that is, and not just to get a connecting flight to Volgograd! 🙂

May I just add that this is my first official solo trip and it’s been nothing short of AMAZING!

I actually woke up yesterday and decided to book today’s ticket to Moscow, hoping that I would be able to sort out my accommodation, packing and itinerary within that short window of time.

The latter wasn’t quite sorted out since it took me literally the whole of yesterday and most of today to finally secure my accommodation. I had initially planned to use Airbnb (first time) until it got so frustrating that I almost cancelled my ticket. Apparently, as part of their new requirements, they need you to scan your passport and send it to them without any solid assurance of safety or privacy. Umm, no, thank you. :/

So, I took to the web and within an hour I had reserved a spot at Bear Hostels, right at the centre of the city! The place is way cooler than I’d expected and I’d definitely come back here some other time.

Since I’d already checked in by noon, I thought I’d stroll down to the Red Square, about 10 minutes away from the hostel.

I gotta say though, St. Basil’s Cathedral is much more stunning in person. I literally gasped and slowed way down as it came into view. It has all these little intricate details on it that make it so beautiful to look at.
















Always be kind.




4 thoughts on “Moscow, Russia. 1

  1. This makes me really excited! I’ll be flying from the US to South Korea next month, and I’m working on planning a really long layover/stopover somewhere. Moscow is one of my options. If you only had a day in Moscow what would you recommend doing/seeing?

    1. Hey Allison! 🙂 First, you’ll need to get a transit visa if you’re going to have a layover in Moscow. Like before you travel. They’re pretty strict about that. Otherwise, I’d recommend visiting the Red Square, Arkhangelskoye Palace and Alexander Gardens for a little architecture and history treat. 🙂 Those will give you a very good taste of Moscow and Russia as a whole. Have a lovely trip! ❀

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