Dombay, Russia. 3

ze one

We woke up feeling a little exhausted and my legs were really sore from walking in those heavy ski shoes during Day 2.

At around midday, we went out to explore the little town of Dombay.


The markets were particularly bright and colourful.


Talk of being a real tourist. Haha! :p


Picked up a souvenir t-shirt, which I’m actually wearing as I write this.


We then took a cable car up the mountain to the first peak. It’s about 3900 metres above sea level.


This not so little cutie lives up there.


The view was spectacular!! We did intend to go higher, but the extremely cold winds put us off. Also, the higher peaks were foggy that day and we were advised not to climb up to them.


I absolutely loved my trip to Dombay. It’s such a pretty skiing resort. So pretty that while there, you feel like you’re in some sort of fairytale story or something. I definitely had the best 3 days up there!

Check out Day 1 and Day 2 in Dombay as well.

Always be kind.



12 thoughts on “Dombay, Russia. 3

  1. Nice photos! But it seems that it’s freezing cold there. I’m so tired of winter, I would go anywhere they’d offer me some sun and nice weather :))

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