Dombay, Russia. 2


We had a jam-packed itinerary for Day 2 since we had spent most, no, the whole of Day 1 relaxing, eating and having fun indoors.

The weather was definitely on our side. Day 3 wasn’t this perfect.


After breakfast, we drove to a horse paddock that is 10 minutes away from the town center.


The place is owned by a very friendly middle-aged guy, who was there with his little daughter.

The 4-year-old girl was riding a huge stallion! I mean, I couldn’t even trust myself with this pretty lil one.IMG_20150212_062017

We rode the horses for a couple of miles then headed to a zoo that was nearby. The only animals that caught my eye were the big bears. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a picture. Apparently, I was “enjoying and living the moment”! 🙂


There was this super clean river flowing by the entrance to the zoo with giant rocks sitting on its banks. Such a beautiful backdrop.IMG_20150211_114834

I decided to have some fun on our way out. Never too old to play, right?


Then came the next big thing on our itinerary. Skiing!! Woop! Woop!


I was super excited. I had never skied before but I learnt pretty fast.


I just wanted to keep going and going and going. But then the sun set and it got really dark so we went down the slopes back to our hotel.


We spent the evening at the sauna, had our dinner and called it a day. A day well spent.

Always be kind.



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