Giving Back.


This is a topic that’s really close to my heart. Growing up, my parents taught me how to be community-minded and how to care for those around me, especially those who are not capable of doing so themselves.

I remember spending a number of weekends with them at our local children’s home, where we’d keep the kids company, have conversations with them, play together, share stories, get them random presents etc. I also remember the bittersweet feeling I got at the end of those days. Happy that I got to spend my day with lovely innocent kids that were genuinely happy to see us. And sad because deep down I felt like I was saying goodbye to friends that I wanted to be around 24/7.

Over the years, the need to give back has built up inside me and although I haven’t done much to that cause, I intend to make it a daily thing.

Community development is far more fulfilling than personal achievements & wealth, and I believe we can all help out in one way or another. Obviously you won’t change the world in a day, but your effort to leave a place/person better than you found it/them is another step closer to achieving that.

Below, in random order, are ways in which you can give back to society and help improve the global community at large:

1. Children’s homes.

Volunteer at one. Donate food, clothes & books. Mentor a child. There’s so much you can do to cultivate the future generation.

2. Animal shelters & orphanages.

Give stray animals a home. Visit animal orphanages (they require entry fees that go into supporting and naturing the animals). I particularly love the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They work towards fostering orphaned elephants in Kenya.

3. Local microfinancial groups.

Another favourite is Life Line Fashion, an East African brand employing local artisans, who, in turn, are able to feed and educate their children. Fighting poverty & boosting Third World economy? Check! Support local brands by buying their goods as well as letting others know about them.

4. Hunger and starvation.

While this may not be a permanent solution, food donation to disaster stricken areas is a start.

5. Education for all.

Buy books for school libraries. Provide reading & writing materials for schools with insufficient facilities. Or better yet, teach a subject or two in those schools! 🙂

6. Health care.

Donate blood. Volunteer in hospitals and organizations. Learn & teach first aid. Participate in charity and awareness events.

Do you have any more ways to give back to society? Let us know in the comments below.

Always be kind.



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