Mombasa, Kenya. 3


So on my last day in Mombasa, I decided to have a very chilled out morning.IMG_20140828_013207

Enjoy the beautiful nature.IMG_20140917_150655

And feed on a plate of cold watermelons by the pool.


We then headed out to Nyali Wild Waters, a water park filled with a bunch of entertainment facilities.


We had lunch, swam and played like kids. Well, I played like a kid. 🙂


We had so much fun that we ended up regretting getting there way past midday.


This is me admiring my henna tattoos on our way home. For a moment I wished they were permanent. IMG_20140826_220938We stayed out until the sun set and the view was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!


Apart from feeling under the weather at the beginning of this trip, I had the best time in Mombasa and I can’t wait to go back there sometime.

Always be kind.



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