Volgograd, Russia. 2


Well, this happened after church on a warm, not-so-sunny day last spring.  IMG_20140420_215831

I decided to take a walk to the Volgograd State Panoramic Museum “The Battle of Stalingrad”, located right at the center of the city.


It tells the story of a critical battle that marked the turning point of World War II.20140420_170438

Inside the museum is an artistic panorama of the battle, and is the biggest pictorial canvas of Russia (16m × 120m).


There are also 8 exhibition halls with more than 3,500 exhibits.


This museum also showcases military equipment such as tanks, aircrafts and a troop train in the open air.IMG_20140421_175008

The love of open-air museums.

After the Stalingrad siege, the town had been reduced to ruins and the only building left standing was an old steam mill.


After reconstruction, the ruins of the mill were left untouched as a monument of the devastating Battle of Stalingrad.


The museum overlooks the Volga River, the longest in Europe.


Always be kind.



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