Naivasha, Kenya. 2


Day 2 was just as chilly as the first and all we wanted to do was chill in our blankets. But then again, that would have been such a boring vacation.

After breakfast, we fed the monkeys around our cottage with fruit and some other food we had.IMG_20140818_223400

Then took a boat ride on Lake Naivasha. We saw a number of hippopotamuses peeking from beneath the water, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a clear shot of them. 😦 And the flamingos kept flying away every time we got close.20140817_162549

The sky was the only thing that didn’t hide from us. 🙂 Ok, not the only thing, but it was too pretty not to snap.

We then drove to Fisherman’s Camp for lunch.IMG_20140818_193438

Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂


This house looks sort of “haunted” though. Standing all alone on an island with birds flying over it. Taken during the boat ride.IMG_20140820_152126

Sipping on my milkshake at Fisherman’s Camp.

More giraffes along the way.IMG_20141211_143234

My most favorite part of Day 2. I don’t remember ever enjoying a bike ride that much, and the only reason I stopped was because the sun was setting.IMG_20141029_055726

Naivasha Day 3 coming soon.

Always be kind.



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