Naivasha, Kenya. 1


Naivasha is a town in Kenya, located along the Nairobi – Nakuru highway, roughly an hour’s drive from Nairobi. It lies on the shore of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley.

Ps: The main setting of Disney’s “Lion King” is modelled after the main park in Naivasha – Hell’s Gate National Park.

During my last year’s summer holiday, my sisters and I took a drive down to the town for a short vacation.


It was pretty chilly when we arrived. We had booked a self-catering cottage in advance and had the caretaker direct us to the place via phone. Ha! Of course we got lost. Almost drove through the parks into Nakuru town!! I mean, we’d obviously passed the cottage because it was meant to be on the shore of Lake Naivesha…the same lake we had driven past minutes ago. But no, both my sisters were like, “Come on. We got this,” …and further into the woods we drove! Haha! 😀 Well, at least we enjoyed the views on the way. There were a bunch of zebras and antelopes grazing calmly just by the roadsides.

I still love my sisters to bits though. ❤


There were so many giraffes roaming around as well.


So when we finally got to our cottage, the caretaker made sure to inform us that the hippos down at the lake usually roam around the cottages at night and that we needed to be cautious about that.


That bed was HEAVEN!


The little monkey came to say hi as well.


The coolest art! Maasai women brewing something… ❤

And then there was the cute kitty with major attitude.


Fun Fact: Naivasha is derived from a Maasai word Nai’posha, meaning “rough waters” because of the sudden storms which may arise.

Will post more about Naivasha Day 2 & 3 soon.

Always be kind.



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