Moscow, Russia. 3

This, my friends, is Arkhangelskoye Palace. This property was home to one of Russia’s prominent nobles, The Golitsyns. The entire estate is now a state museum. Lying on the banks of the Moscow river,… Continue reading

Solo Travel: Who Takes Your Photos?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question… I do enjoy strolling and discovering new places by myself. And even though I don’t have a sent-from-above dedicated photographer… Continue reading

Moscow, Russia. 2

Where: Moscow. When: Day 2. What: Sightseeing and visiting Moscow’s central park. Always be kind. Dee. <3

Photography for Beginners: 5 Ways to Get the Perfect Shot.

I’m no professional photographer or anything but my passion for photography has always made me look for ways to improve my shots. There’s nothing I ogle at more than photos that ooze originality and creativity.… Continue reading

Moscow, Russia. 1

After postponing this trip for ages I finally made it to Moscow!! Yay! As a “tourist” that is, and not just to get a connecting flight to Volgograd! :) May I just add… Continue reading

Solo Travel: My 5 Biggest Concerns.

Now that I have finished my exams and have 3 full months of summer ahead of me, I’ve been writing lists. Lists of things I want to do, places I want to go,… Continue reading

Volgograd, Russia. 6

I have to admit this. The first time I got to Volgograd, I wasn’t pleased with what I saw. I’d expected it to be some kind of huge and flourishing metropolitan district, with… Continue reading

Studying Abroad: Making the Most of the Experience.

So you’re studying abroad? Here are a couple of ways to help you maximize on the amazing opportunity you have: 1. Make international friends. Yep! One of the many perks of studying abroad… Continue reading

Volgograd, Russia. 5

Welcome to The Alley of Heroes – a series of monuments that commemorate the casualties of the infamous Second World War, Battle of Stalingrad (now Volgograd). Located at the heart of the city,… Continue reading