St. Petersburg, Russia. 2

Day 2 in Petersburg. Enjoyed every single minute of it. I’d booked a boat cruise for 2pm the previous day thinking that I’d make it but boy was I wrong. I got caught… Continue reading

Home for the Holidays: 5 Things You Need To Carry Along.

I just got home this weekend and I’m super excited about this holiday because, obviously, I get to spend a couple of weeks with my family that I’ve missed so much. And also because I… Continue reading

St. Petersburg, Russia. 1

First day in St. Petersburg was amazingly relaxing. I checked into Cuba Hostel at 7 in the morning. Despite its central location, the place was average and so was the staff in terms… Continue reading

Finding Your Passion.

You know that time when you are about to sit for your final exams in high school and there’s this big decision you have to make on what you want to be for the rest… Continue reading

Moscow, Russia. 4

I was pretty fatigued last night so I decided not to do much today. I woke up mid-morning, freshened up and headed out to buy my ticket to St. Petersburg. After that, I… Continue reading

Solo Travel: Pros & Cons.

I’ve been on the road travelling solo for a couple of days now and it’s safe to say that this is quickly becoming my favourite way to see new places. Let’s get straight… Continue reading

Moscow, Russia. 3

This, my friends, is Arkhangelskoye Palace. This property was home to one of Russia’s prominent nobles, The Golitsyns. The entire estate is now a state museum. Lying on the banks of the Moscow river,… Continue reading

Solo Travel: Who Takes Your Photos?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question… I do enjoy strolling and discovering new places by myself. And even though I don’t have a sent-from-above dedicated photographer… Continue reading

Moscow, Russia. 2

Where: Moscow. When: Day 2. What: Sightseeing and visiting Moscow’s central park. Always be kind. Dee. <3