Taking Stock: 005

Making: plans for my upcoming winter break. Eating: lots of cereal. Drinking: enough water daily. Reading: my favourite travel blogs every chance I get. Wanting: it to snow already. Playing: Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor. Wasting: nothing. Creating: resolutions… Continue reading

Top 5 Things To Do In St. Petersburg.

Hey ya loves! :) To wrap up the posts on my trip to St. Petersburg, I thought it would be great to let you in on what I consider to be the top 5… Continue reading

Nairobi, Kenya. 4

Y’all have heard of Maasai Market, right? Nah? Ok, lemme explain. :) A long, long time ago, a group of Maasai women thought it would be a great idea to sell their art at the… Continue reading

How To Take: Stunning Pictures Of Wildlife.

Hey there! :) Hope you are all doing great. Today, I’m gonna share a few tips with you on how to take amazing pictures of wildlife. 1. Blend In. Make an effort to… Continue reading

Nairobi, Kenya. 3

Hey ya loves! :) On the day I was to leave for school, I decided to take a small tour of Nairobi. All these pictures are of the CBD. There’s so much you… Continue reading

What To Wear: On Safari.

I love safaris. I love adventure. But most of all, I love nature. Just the other day, while studying for my pediatrics class, I drifted off and started daydreaming about the gorgeous mountains in Canada surrounding… Continue reading

Taking Stock: 004

Making: less smoothies because…winter is coming. Haha :D For real though. Now that summer is gone and autumn is half way through, finding fresh fruits in the markets is almost impossible. Eating: pretty… Continue reading

Top 5 Things To Do In Volgograd.

Having lived in Volgograd for slightly more than 5 years now, I feel like I’m in a pretty good position to recommend 5 of the best things to do in this city. :)… Continue reading

Kiambu, Kenya. 1

I’m seated on my bed as I write this. Very exhausted after a long day of classes and lectures. It’s 9pm. And I’m really looking forward to publishing this post. I get an unexplainable high… Continue reading