Dombay, Russia.

We woke up feeling a little exhausted and my legs were really sore from walking in those heavy ski shoes during Day 2. At around midday, we went out to explore the little town of… Continue reading

How to make Every Day an Adventure.

Feeling bored lately? Then this post is definitely for you. Try incorporating this few tips into your daily routine and watch the magic unfold. Ok, not magic per se but something close to… Continue reading

Dombay, Russia.

We had a jam-packed itinerary for Day 2 since we had spent most, no, the whole of Day 1 relaxing, eating and having fun indoors. The weather was definitely on our side. Day 3… Continue reading

Giving Back.

This is a topic that’s really close to my heart. Growing up, my parents taught me how to be community-minded and how to care for those around me, especially those who are not capable of… Continue reading

Mombasa, Kenya.

So on my last day in Mombasa, I decided to have a very chilled out morning. Enjoy the beautiful nature. And feed on a plate of cold watermelons by the pool. We then… Continue reading

What I’ve Learnt While Studying Abroad.

Choosing to study abroad will always be one of the best decisions I ever made. I, occasionally, wonder how different my life would have turned out was I to attend university in my… Continue reading

Dombay, Russia.

Yay!! I finally got to go on my first ever trip in Russia. Took forever, but better late than never, right? I’m looking forward to taking more of these in the near future.… Continue reading

5 Fun Ways to Learn a New Language.

It’s quite a challenge being in a new country where almost no one speaks your language. So, apart from the normal language classes you can take, here are a few ways to make… Continue reading

Naivasha, Kenya.

This was our last day in Naivasha. Our morning was pretty relaxed, breakfast and strolls around the lake. We then headed to Lake Naivasha Country Club. These are the kind of things that make… Continue reading